Netflix, Satellite, Basic Cable.. How do you choose?

Do you provide streaming apps for your guests to use during their stay? Or do you provide basic cable? Maybe both?

Some people think that travellers don’t watch TV or prefer to disconnect. And that is 100% true for some guests. But times are changing and the ability to conveniently watch your favourite shows on Netflix or Prime on vacation is a plus for a lot of travellers. Having Paw Patrol at the ready can put a little one at ease if they are homesick, for example.

We try to offer at least one streaming app and basic cable to make sure you can watch all your favourite shows, get the news and weather, and watch a movie in the evening or on a rainy day.

We recommend that you think about doing the same if you have a fully stocked short-term rental that is a regular home. The more amenities you have to offer, the more likely potential guests are going to view your listening and book.                   

But let’s say your short-term rental is a cabin in the woods or a glamping set up. Then what? Well it all depends on how you are marking your property. Is it off the grid? Is it a relaxation retreat? If you’re marketing your property along those lines, it may be less of a priority to offer all the streaming apps, or even TV at all because your guests aren’t looking for that amenity. 

It’s important to get to know what kind of property you want to offer, who it will attract and what they will want. 

So tell us, which apps do you offer and which ones are a fan fave?



PRO TIP: If you’re going to offer Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., on your Smart TV, make sure you set up a Guest account and Kid-Friendly permissions for ease of use.


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