For The Kiddos

If you’re like us, we get a lot of awesome family travellers with children of all ages. It is important to think about all members of the party to ensure they are well taken care of. Some things to consider for the parents and their kiddos: ⠀⠀


Safety First

You should be preparing your property to be healthy and safe for your guests but be sure to think about small children and remove or block items that may be more of a danger to them. ⠀


Outdoor Spaces

If you have a nice size yard at your property, think about providing a couple of items like a soccer ball, Frisbee or blowing bubbles. If you’re on the water, be sure to invest in a blow-up Flamingo, you can never go wrong with one of those!



If you have Netflix, users can switch to the Kid-Friendly mode and if you have Cable, it might be useful to provide a list of kids channels next to the TV for a quick reference.


Indoor Activities

For year-round travelers during the cooler months or rain days, it’s good to have a couple of board games, puzzles, a deck of cards, colouring pages and coloured pencils, etc., to entertain guests indoors when needed.


The Kitchen

Invest in a few plastic items for dinnerware to avoid any damage to your nice dishes and put your parent guests at ease.


Comforts Of Home

Keep a machine washable teddy bear handy just in case a little one forgets theirs at home. It could be the thing that gets them through their trip.


That Extra Mile

If families are your primary market think about offering some extra helpful items like a booster seat, fold-away change table or crib. The more you anticipate your guest’s needs, the more they will want to come back!

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